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Translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Yessica Klein

At the vegetarian restaurant
so high
the ceiling height
and at the church
what was it
we talked about
so much?

At the park
old fishermen
returned the fish
back to the lake 

Rusty bicycles
all together
like a crown of thorns
(have I said this already
what was it
we talked about
so much?) 

Blossomed curtains
in the canal’s boats
where people lived
everything was about to happen

Women awaited at the shops
that I, so free in 1994,
went there to harvest
and then returned them
back to the water 

Your friend
with chiseled arms
palpable and white
Bettine Wilhem
In Het Rietveld
Let us return
the women
to the water

At the loft
where you lived
and seagulls clocked-in
I watched
the future
from the balcony
(an old windmill frozen
in time
and in air)

The future
where we are

Cadão Volpato is a journalist, writer and musician, born in São Paulo, Brazil, where he lives. He has had eight fiction books published and recorded six albums with his ex-band, Fellini, in the eighties. He is a huge fan of post-punk bands from England and USA. His website is