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Fethi Gasmi, better known by his pen name Adam Fethi, is one of the most celebrated poets of dissent in Tunisia. Born in 1957 in the south of the country, his poetry of commitment, written under the siege of the political repression in the 1970s and 1990s, strived to maintain the freedom of thought and speech.
Channelling his protest in several songs made his popularity among students.
He is the author of Ughniat al-Naqabi al-Fasih (Song of the Eloquent Unionist, 1986),  Anachid li Zahrat al-Ghubar (Songs to the Dust Rose, 1991) and Nafikhu al-Zujaj al-A'maa (The Blind Glassblower, 2011), which won the prestigious Abou Kacem Chebbi Prize.