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For our issue at the year's end, we feature disappearances and new beginnings.
The Caduceus Corporation, in extending the length of stay for the inhabitants of the Nerovo star system for three more generations, had also guaranteed social security to all inhabitants until everyone in the last generation had migrated elsewhere. That was the contract Hajeong’s grandmother’s generation had agreed to.
카두케우스 본사는 네로보 항성계 주민들의 체류 기간을 3세대 연장하면서, 마지막 세대가 전원 이주할 때까지 생활을 보장하기로 했었다. 하정의 할머니 세대가 했던 계약이었다.
By: Mohammad Tolouei
Translated by: F.D.
Translated by: H.H.
The Three-Twenty-Seven train from Tehran to Andimeshk left the station at 11.45 in the morning of July fifth, 1984, with my father in compartment number eight of its third car. My mother was not there to wave a handkerchief and cry, or to place a consoling hand on my head, or to hold up Sara to the window for a last kiss.
By: Abboud Aljabiri
Translated by: Muntather Alsawad
Translated by: Jeffrey Clapp
I am not from this city/ though I walk up the mountain/ each morning with its children/ to raise our voices in song
We're delighted to be joined on the blog this week by translator and author Paige Aniyah Morris, to tell us more about her translation of Soyeon Jeong's 'Ensign'/ 깃발.
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