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26 Jun 2023
Ekspedicija į Suvalkus nepavyko. Neatsipirko dėl pinigų ir pakenkė moraliai. Pinigus, tiesa, dar reikia suskaičiuoti – gal koks vienas kitas euras ir prisidėjo, bet noro skaičiuoti balansą nebuvo.
By: Elena Pavlova
Translated by: Elena Pavlova
Translated by: Desislava Sivilova
26 Jun 2023
She's old and she tattoos only things of the past. Her license is the oldest one. Her parlor is old, too, in the dead center of the ethnographic quarter.
26 Jun 2023
The expedition to Suwałki didn’t exactly work out. It didn’t pay off and it was morally detrimental. Expenses will need to be calculated. They might have saved a few euros, yes, but right now there was little motivation to assess the balance.
26 Jun 2023
Тя е стара и татуира само стари неща. Лицензът ѝ е от най-старите. И студиото ѝ е старо, в етнографския квартал. 
27 Feb 2023
Even before the Time Era, longevity was a problem. Unevenly distributed as it was, it provided a rather accurate reflection of social, racial and economic inequalities.
27 Feb 2023
Avant même l’ère du temps, la question de la longévité était un problème. Mal distribuée, elle reflétait assez justement les inégalités sociales, raciales et économiques dans le monde.
By: Renan Bernardo
Translated by: Renan Bernardo
27 Feb 2023
I was conceived by a carpenter with quivering hands in the back of a lumberyard. She was called Anatólia. Some days she had to fix flaws, sawing one or two parts of me again. On other days she hurled chunks of me against the wall, screaming at the bashful furniture she’d built, lined against the far wall.
19 Feb 2023
Nasci de uma carpinteira com mãos trêmulas nos fundos de uma serraria. Seu nome era Anatólia. Havia dias em que ela serrava alguma parte de meu corpo para consertar alguma falha. Em outros, arremessava meus pedaços contra a parede, esbravejando para a mobília tímida que ela mesma construíra.
By: Chang Yu-Ko
Translated by: Lauren Harper
24 Oct 2022
I’d been told this story about half a year earlier by some fellow medical interns. One of their China Medical University classmates had experienced something strange at the school’s Peikang campus. Back when she lived in an allocated dormitory, this student would often hear a loud, crisp bell ringing late at night.
24 Oct 2022
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Strange Horizons
25 Jul 2022
We're excited to be joined on the blog by Azrin Fauzi and Ali Aiman Mazwin, to talk about their story and translation, 'Panorama People'/ 'Orang Panorama', which was featured in our 25 April, 2022 issue. This beautiful story about the mutability of art and perception really rewards deeper reading, so we hope you enjoy this discussion!