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22 Jan 2024
Nagy, sápadt lófeje olyan, mint egy gumimaszk, pofája széthúzódik, elővillannak horpadt, sárga fogai. Kedves arca van, abszintzöld szeme, hosszúkás, váratlanul hegyes orra.
By: Gábor Képes
Translated by: Anna Kállai
22 Jan 2024
He has a big head, like a horse, pale, it looks like a rubber mask. His cheeks go wide, flashing his yellow teeth. He has a tender face, eyes green like absinth, longish, unexpectedly pointy nose.
By: Nicola Lombardi
Translated by: J. Weintraub
22 Jan 2024
For as far as his memory could take him back in time, these small animals were always a permanent presence in that house and therefore in his life.
22 Jan 2024
Per quanto riusciva a risalire all’indietro nel tempo con la memoria, la presenza di quegli animaletti era da sempre una costante, in quella casa, e quindi nella sua vita.
23 Oct 2023
En el comienzo de este filme acaparan la atención la cara y la cabeza de un hombre, con una cúpula de canas que parecen de nailon y la ceja izquierda un poco tensa; en los ojos evocadores, la boca próspera y hasta en la papada hay una oscilación constitutiva entre eficiencia práctica y tendencia al lamento, un capital de satisfacciones que una tristeza escéptica merma, aunque no lo agota.
23 Oct 2023
In de zomer van negentienhonderd vijftig, in een geheim onderzoekslaboratorium in Los Alamos, New Mexico, aan het tafeltje achterin de kantine gooit een kalende professor, Enrico Fermi genaamd, zijn vork op het dienblad en verzucht: “Maar waar zijn ze dan toch?” 
23 Oct 2023
In the summer of 1950, in a secret research laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, at the table in the back of the canteen, a balding professor named Enrico Fermi throws his fork onto his tray and sighs, “Where are they then?”
By: Marcelo Cohen
Translated by: Kit Maude
23 Oct 2023
At the beginning of the film, we are presented with the face and head of a man crowned with synthetic-looking gray hair and a twitchy left eyebrow. His eyes are evocative, his mouth redolent with prosperity and even his jowls seem to shift between practical efficiency and a disposition for despair, a wealth of self-satisfaction tempered but not eclipsed by melancholy skepticism.
26 Jun 2023
Ekspedicija į Suvalkus nepavyko. Neatsipirko dėl pinigų ir pakenkė moraliai. Pinigus, tiesa, dar reikia suskaičiuoti – gal koks vienas kitas euras ir prisidėjo, bet noro skaičiuoti balansą nebuvo.
By: Elena Pavlova
Translated by: Elena Pavlova
Translated by: Desislava Sivilova
26 Jun 2023
She's old and she tattoos only things of the past. Her license is the oldest one. Her parlor is old, too, in the dead center of the ethnographic quarter.
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Strange Horizons
25 Jul 2022
We're excited to be joined on the blog by Azrin Fauzi and Ali Aiman Mazwin, to talk about their story and translation, 'Panorama People'/ 'Orang Panorama', which was featured in our 25 April, 2022 issue. This beautiful story about the mutability of art and perception really rewards deeper reading, so we hope you enjoy this discussion!