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25 Oct 2021
That night the darkness was stifling and sultry with lust/ and the cornflowers, illuminated by dry lightning/ seeped suddenly into the eyes of the deer.
25 Oct 2021
Tej nocy mrok był duszny i od żądzy parny/ I chabry, rozwidnione suchą błyskawicą/ Przedostały się nagle do oczu tej sarny.
26 Oct 2020
along the coast we have islands like the pirate Cofresí. Fairytale vanish has since disappeared.
By: Amel Moussa
Translated by: Hager Ben Driss
27 Jul 2020
Many things in my kitchen resemble me; I relate to them; we entertain one another. Water, fire, and electricity vegetables, water rich fruits, and dry fruits
27 Jul 2020
أشياء ٌكثيرةٌ في مطبخي تُشبهني أتماهى مع هذه الأشياء ونُؤنسُ بعضنا.
27 Apr 2020
Circling the halo of candlelight/ night moths dance in wretched repetition.
By: Yuan Changming
Translated by: Yuan Changming
27 Apr 2020
Each crow you have seen/ Has a quasi-white soul/ That used to dwell in the body/ Of one of your closest ancestors
2 Sep 2019
All poets wanted to be astronauts first / but the world was too real
2 Sep 2019
Todos los poetas quisieron ser astronautas primero / Pero el mundo fue demasiado real
By: Hawad
Translated by: André Naffis-Sahely
Translated by: Hélène Claudot-Hawad
24 Jun 2019
L’exil m’érode, tige dans la tempête de duneLes vertiges, nausées du sevrage, me renversentchiffon que le vent agitesur les piquets des campements désertés
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19 Nov 2021
We're delighted to announce that we'll be publishing a special issue in Spring/Summer 2022 focusing on Taiwan fiction and poetry. For this issue, we're teaming up with the Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing, with the generous support of Spotlight Taiwan.