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3 Dec 2018
The lonely man wakes while the sea is still dark/ and the stars waver...
3 Dec 2018
L’uomo solo si leva che il mare è ancor buio
e le stelle/ vacillano...
24 Sep 2018
No restaurante vegetariano/ tão alto/ o pé direito/ e na igreja/ o que tanto/ conversamos? 
By: Cadão Volpato
Translated by: Yessica Klein
24 Sep 2018
At the vegetarian restaurant/ so high/ the ceiling height/ and at the church/ what was it/ we talked about/ so much?
25 Jun 2018
The world would end with him successfully folding something in half one hundred and three times. A sheet of paper, say.
25 Jun 2018
Százháromszor hajtja meg. A világnak úgy lesz vége, hogy sikerül százháromszor félbehajtania valamit.
26 Mar 2018
Ano mang oras ito, hindi ito huli o una:  Muli, narito (huli ng asetiko)
26 Mar 2018
This strikes at any hour, this is neither the last nor the first: Again, here (the ascetic’s catch)
By: Salik Shah
Translated by: Salik Shah
25 Sep 2017
Bound onto a nickel disc, each one of us closes  the golden circle in our separate ways  to become part of an enduring fable. 
26 Jun 2017
water warms in spring is the sense i am teaching the AI to feel
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9 Feb 2019
In this special feature, Emad El-Din Aysha - an academic, journalist, and translator, and member of the Egyptian Society for Science Fiction, which was formed in 2012 after the the Arab Spring - interviews Farzin Souri, editor-in-chief of the Iranian SF magazine 3Feed.