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He gazed up at the sky
and was certain
that the Stagirian
was correct:
the planets are perfect spheres
a Godly shine
in the eternal silence.

He gazed up at the sky
with naked eyes
since he had shattered
the lenses and eyepieces
those transparent monsters
which make the universe
seem like rocks and dust.

Anna Griva was born in Athens, where she lives and works. She studied Philology in Athens and Sciences and History of Literature in Rome and has a PhD on Italian Renaissance Literature. She has published five poetry collections. The most recent one, entitled Demons (Melani, 2020), was honored with an Award by the Academy of Athens. She has also published a collection of short stories (The Animal Gods, Kichli, 2021) and two historical novels (The Greek slave, Melani, 2022; Exiled Queens, Melani, 2021). Her poems and short stories have been translated into many languages, in magazines, anthologies and standalone volumes, and her personal website is