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In this issue, we find hauntings of different kinds - some ghostly but some more human.
Three people share the same bed without knowing each other. For the purpose of this story, each one of them exists for only eight hours a day. Miss A between midnight and eight in the morning. Mr. B from eight to four pm. And Miss C starting from four in the morning until midnight.
Tres personas comparten la misma cama sin conocerse. Para esta historia cada una de ellas existe solo ocho horas al día. La Srta. A. entre la medianoche y las ocho de la mañana. El Sr. B. de ocho a dieciséis. Y la Srta. C. a partir de las cuatro de la tarde hasta la medianoche.
By: Mona Kareem
Translated by: Sara Elkamel
Inside my lungs, he paves/ a road with his screams
By: Chang Yu-Ko
Translated by: Lauren Harper
I’d been told this story about half a year earlier by some fellow medical interns. One of their China Medical University classmates had experienced something strange at the school’s Peikang campus. Back when she lived in an allocated dormitory, this student would often hear a loud, crisp bell ringing late at night.
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