Table of Contents | April 26 2021
In this Spring issue of Samovar, a creative engineer is overwhelmed by the fruits of his labour, and in a strange nightscape we meet horror, haunting and loss.
La criatura apareció cuando murió su padre y ella se quedó huérfana por segunda vez. En realidad, él había muerto muchas veces antes, cada vez que desaparecía. No recordaba cuántas. Su memoria era un contable falible, llevaba las cuentas como quería, y tenía tendencia a redondear por lo alto cuando se trataba de ausencias.
By: Rio Johan
Translated by: Rio Johan
As with artists, it’s only natural for fruit engineers to experience arid periods of inspiration. Kwodvide, one of the senior fruit engineers in the Bio-Corporation, managed to design something to solve this problem: an inspirational cherry which he named visiocherry.
LUMRAH SAJA APABILA SEORANG insinyur rekayasa buah mengalami masa-masa gersang inspirasi layaknya seorang seniman. Kwodvide, salah satu insinyur rekayasa buah senior pernah merancang sesuatu untuk memecahkan masalah ini: satu buah-buahan yang dinamainya visiceri, alias ceri inspirasi. 
By: Cristina Jurado
Translated by: Marian Womack
Translated by: James Womack
The creature appeared when her father died and she was orphaned for the second time. In fact, he had died several times before, every time he disappeared. She could not remember how many times. Her memory was fallible: it kept count as it wanted to and had a tendency to round up when it came to absences.
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