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25 Jul 2022

A sense came over me on the bus ride back from town that something was off. It was early fall. The plants all through the mountains were brittle and crunchy, and they trembled in a brisk breeze that carried with it the smells of rice paddies. The fields were a brilliant gold.
驶回郊区的大巴上,我开始觉得情形不太对劲。时值 初秋,满山草木松脆,凉风中有稻香浮动。田野金灿灿的, 耀人眼目。
By: Bo Balder
Translated by: Bo Balder
Balthasar navigated the vélocipède around a hole in the road as he cycled past Miss Edith’s house. He concentrated hard on not looking at the curtained windows for a glimpse of her silhouette. The big wheel wobbled as he oversteered.
Balthasar navigeerde de vélocipède om een gat in de weg terwijl hij langs het huis van Fräulein Edith reed. Hij concentreerde zich om niet naar de ramen te kijken. Hij wilde niets liever dan een glimp opvangen van haar silhouet achter de gordijnen. Het grote wiel wiebelde toen hij teveel stuurde.
I called out once to the vision/ and she came to me./ And she was pale and sad, and her pupils/ burned like martyrs at the stake.
Llamé una vez a la visión / y vino. Y era pálida y triste, y sus pupilas/ ardían como hogueras de martirios.
Issue 25 Apr 2022
By: Azrin Fauzi
Translated by: Ali Aiman Mazwin
Issue 27 Dec 2021
By: Mohammad Tolouei
Translated by: F.D.
Translated by: H.H.
By: Abboud Aljabiri
Translated by: Muntather Alsawad
Translated by: Jeffrey Clapp
Issue 25 Oct 2021
By: Clelia Farris
Translated by: Rachel Cordasco
Issue 26 Apr 2021
By: Rio Johan
Translated by: Rio Johan
By: Cristina Jurado
Translated by: Marian Womack
Translated by: James Womack
Issue 26 Oct 2020
Issue 27 Jul 2020
By: Amel Moussa
Translated by: Hager Ben Driss
By: Eisuke Aikawa
Translated by: Toshiya Kamei
Issue 27 Apr 2020
By: Eldar Safin
Translated by: Alex Shvartsman
By: Yuan Changming
Translated by: Yuan Changming
By: Kshemendra
Translated by: Brishti Guha
Issue 2 Sep 2019
By: Bora Chung
Translated by: Anton Hur
By: Ji Yun
Translated by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: John Yu Branscum
By: Ji Yun
By: Ji Yun
Podcast read by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: John Yu Branscum
By: K. A. Teryna
Translated by: Alex Shvartsman
24 Jul 2019
Short stories tend to have much shorter lifespans than novels do. As such, a translation is a form of reincarnation. The end result is the same story, but also a completely different one at the same time. The first level of changes is due to the different language operating under another structure, a different set of ties binding the abstract with the specific. But there's also the second level, a more intimate level where the story surreptitiously obtains new properties after it’s been processed through the mind of the translator.
28 Jun 2019
I got into translation for the same reason many people get into blogging, writing reviews, and other fannish activities: I loved certain stories and felt the strong desire to share them with my friends. Except many of my genre-reading friends do not speak Russian. And while I'm not a reviewer and am a lazy blogger at best, in this case I had, ahem, a particular set of skills…
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