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27 Feb 2023

Nasci de uma carpinteira com mãos trêmulas nos fundos de uma serraria. Seu nome era Anatólia. Havia dias em que ela serrava alguma parte de meu corpo para consertar alguma falha. Em outros, arremessava meus pedaços contra a parede, esbravejando para a mobília tímida que ela mesma construíra.
By: Renan Bernardo
Translated by: Renan Bernardo
I was conceived by a carpenter with quivering hands in the back of a lumberyard. She was called Anatólia. Some days she had to fix flaws, sawing one or two parts of me again. On other days she hurled chunks of me against the wall, screaming at the bashful furniture she’d built, lined against the far wall.
El colibrí amó el linaje de las flores y las plantas/ con la virtud del beso les dedicó sus mejores horas de vida
Even before the Time Era, longevity was a problem. Unevenly distributed as it was, it provided a rather accurate reflection of social, racial and economic inequalities.
Avant même l’ère du temps, la question de la longévité était un problème. Mal distribuée, elle reflétait assez justement les inégalités sociales, raciales et économiques dans le monde.
By: Claudia Vaca
Translated by: Brittany Hause
The hummingbird loved the flowers, the foliage, and all their kith and kin/ with a kiss, it gifted them the finest hours of its existence 
Issue 24 Oct 2022
By: Mona Kareem
Translated by: Sara Elkamel
By: Chang Yu-Ko
Translated by: Lauren Harper
Issue 25 Jul 2022
By: Bo Balder
Translated by: Bo Balder
By: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Translated by: Ateeb Gul
Issue 25 Apr 2022
By: Azrin Fauzi
Translated by: Ali Aiman Mazwin
Issue 27 Dec 2021
By: Mohammad Tolouei
Translated by: F.D.
Translated by: H.H.
By: Abboud Aljabiri
Translated by: Muntather Alsawad
Translated by: Jeffrey Clapp
Issue 25 Oct 2021
By: Clelia Farris
Translated by: Rachel Cordasco
Issue 26 Apr 2021
By: Rio Johan
Translated by: Rio Johan
By: Cristina Jurado
Translated by: Marian Womack
Translated by: James Womack
Issue 26 Oct 2020
Issue 27 Jul 2020
By: Amel Moussa
Translated by: Hager Ben Driss
By: Eisuke Aikawa
Translated by: Toshiya Kamei
Issue 27 Apr 2020
By: Eldar Safin
Translated by: Alex Shvartsman
By: Yuan Changming
Translated by: Yuan Changming
By: Kshemendra
Translated by: Brishti Guha
Issue 2 Sep 2019
By: Bora Chung
Translated by: Anton Hur
By: Ji Yun
Translated by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: John Yu Branscum
By: Ji Yun
By: Ji Yun
Podcast read by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: Yi Izzy Yu
Translated by: John Yu Branscum
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