By: Sarah
2 Feb 2017
We're delighted to finally open our doors to submissions of translated speculative fiction, poetry and related non-fiction. Head on over to our submission guidelines to find out more! (As you can see, our website still needs a bit of polishing before it's as shiny as we want it, but we're getting there!) Samovar came about because we wanted to discover more about the speculative fiction that was being written, read and discussed in other languages. We were lucky enough to be able to team up with Strange Horizons, who were also wanting to explore more translated fiction, and we're hugely grateful to all those who donated to last year's fund drive, and enabled us to open our doors!…
Strange Horizons
16 Jan 2017
The Samovar site is under construction. Read our introductory post on the Strange Horizons Azimuth, or find out how to submit work to Samovar here.
Issue 16 Jan 2017
Strange Horizons
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